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Levi, Taltal

A Little Courage

(2) K-3 This lively picture book stars a Tom Thumb–sized protagonist, approximately six inches tall. The tiny child rises with the sun, searches the house for "little treasures" (a cat toy foreshadows events), cools off in a glass of water, climbs the houseplants, and more. Their routine is interrupted when a "scary shadow" appears. The child, wearing a thimble helmet and armed with a sewing-pin spear, courageously confronts the mysterious creature. After the shadow is revealed to be an affable pet cat, the new friends continue their escapades outside--where a canine shadow suggests another surprise to come. Straightforward first-person, present-tense text creates a sense of conversational intimacy. No human-sized humans are shown in the story, but their messes (books, toothpaste tubes, cellphone chargers, etc.) add layers to the visual narrative. The illustrations offer texture (from the woodgrain floors to the cat's fur), and abundant shades of gray contrast attractively with more vibrant hues (notably various greens and yellows). This imaginative exploration of scale and perspective should serve as a popular storytime selection.


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