Dominguez, Angela

I Love You, Baby Burrito

(2) PS "¡Hola, bebé! You're finally here, mi dulce, my sweet," begins this adorable--and adoring--portrait of a new baby's first day at home. The text is narrated by the little one's Mamá, but it's clear she speaks for both herself and Papá in expressing comfort and adoration: "This is your home, tu casa, where we promise to keep you safe. And we're your parents, tus padres. We are so pleased to meet you." The words in Spanish appear in type that is slightly larger and bolder and printed in green; an appended glossary provides definitions and pronunciations, though most meanings are clear from context. Throughout, the baby, clad in soft-looking yellow and green, does what newborns do: eat, sleep, cry, snuggle. The book's title is inspired by the swaddling of a fussy, sleepy baby, soothingly wrapped in a blanket, "burrito" style, and coaxed into naptime. Glimpses of a bird family in its nest outside the humans' window provide viewers with a gentle reminder of the interconnectedness of nature. Quiet pastel-hued illustrations, done in a limited palette with "watercolor paint, colored pencil drawings on illustration board, and Photoshop" and featuring lots of rounded edges, prevent overstimulation. In one illustration Dominguez even demonstrates the swaddling technique, a helpful reminder for the sleep deprived.


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